51 Favourite Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's First Six Months in Space

Commander Scott Kelly is halfway through his year in space today. While his body is slowly degrading into a mess of bulging eyeballs and atrophied muscles, his artistic sensibilities are being kept in shape with an endless array of gorgeous settings to photograph for our vicarious viewing pleasure. »9/15/15 9:00pm9/15/15 9:00pm

DC's 1982 Character Style Guide is a Beautiful Treasure Trove of Comic Book Nostalgia

If you’re a fan of classic DC comics, then it’s probably the artwork of the ‘80s that is burned into your memory—more specifically it might be the art featured in the rare, never-released-for-sale 1982 style guide. While bits and pieces have made their way online in the past, we’ve never had a chance to see the… »8/26/15 3:20pm8/26/15 3:20pm

Martian Science Team Recruits Imperial Guard To Protect HiRISE Computers

The science performed by HiRISE, the telescopic camera on the Mars Reconnoissance Orbiter, is so important the research team recruited members of the Imperial Guard to stand sentry over their processing computers. Here's a sample of incredible images produced by this well-protected instrument: »11/19/14 2:22pm11/19/14 2:22pm

Gorgeous Images Of Central Europe Reveal A Region Teeming In History

Located directly in the heart of Europe, the countries of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria have been embroiled in some of the most pivotal moments in history. From the advent of Slavic Catholicism and the rise of the Hapsburg Empire to the start of the Great War and the fall of communism, these photos show… »9/01/14 4:00pm9/01/14 4:00pm