These Paintings and Sculptures in the Official Star Wars Art Show Are Insanely Gorgeous

Rarely does a day go by that you don’t see a new piece of Star Wars art, but rarely is that art official. That changed this weekend when Lucasfilm staged an official art show called Art Awakens at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles CA. It featured over 100 brand new pieces of Star Wars art, from original paintings and… »11/16/15 1:00pm11/16/15 1:00pm


18 of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons Turned Into Kids Book Covers

No matter what your age, you probably know what someone means when they say “Little Golden Books.” They’re skinny kids books with a gold spine that pretty much everyone owned. Well, artist Joey Spiotto has taken the look of those old books and updated them with takes on classic and current pop culture alike, from Tron »11/06/15 12:15pm11/06/15 12:15pm

Glow-in-the-Dark Fringe poster reveals the alternate universe when the lights go out

In honor of Fringe coming to a close, Gallery 1988 is running "Fringe Benefits," an interactive art series that encourages fans to vote for their favorite Fringe episodes to turn them into limited edition screenprints. This ingenious print by Mark Englert, based on the Season Three episode "Plateau," uses… »12/29/12 5:00pm12/29/12 5:00pm

Trippy Re-Interpretations of Stan Lee's Comic Book Characters at Art Show

Click to view io9 took a spin through Gallery 1988 and Golden Apple Comics last night in Los Angeles as artists like Ruben Rude, Travis Lampe, Brandon Bird, Patrick Gannon, Misha, Angry Woebots, Jeff McMillan, Sarah Coleman and Daniel Danger paid tribute to Stan "The Man" Lee through reinterpretations of some of his… »1/09/08 3:00pm1/09/08 3:00pm