Bruce Campbell May Host a Horror-Themed Reality Series, and Here's Why That's Terrifying

If the idea of another nerdy reality competition TV series fills you with dread... well, that’s kind of what the upcoming series Bruce Campbell’s Horrified is going for. The good news is, obviously, that the impossibly charismatic Bruce Campbell will be involved. The bad news is everything else. »9/10/15 5:20pm9/10/15 5:20pm


Moronic Family Feud contestant proves we need way more zombie movies

You may think that Hollywood's zombie craze has reached its apex, but this clip from the gameshow Family Feud proves that we still have plenty of room for improvement in terms of zombie awareness. Because when someone is asked to "Name something you know about zombies," their answer should never, ever be this. »11/19/13 2:20pm11/19/13 2:20pm