Physics Students Try To Create A "Street Fighter" Hadouken Fireball

Anybody who has played Street Fighter is familiar with the awesome power of the "Surge Fist" attack, otherwise known as the Hadouken Fireball. While some of us might be intimidated by the thought of tapping into this primal energy, a group of students are determined to recreate it—by setting a dodgeball on fire. » 4/22/14 5:30pm Tuesday 5:30pm

The Haunting, Gothic Concept Art of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Can't wait for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2? Here's some exclusive Castlevania concept art to tide you over. This comes from The Art of Castlevania - Lords of Shadow, published by Titan Books, which is chock full of artwork from the first game and the upcoming second game. » 2/28/14 10:53am 2/28/14 10:53am

The Most Disappointing Final Battles in All Science Fiction and Fantasy

It's all been leading up to this. Hundreds of pages, or hours, of buildup, leading up to the final confrontation between the forces of excellent and the forces of not-excellent. And then... it's kind of a bust. The bad guys kind of fold. Or the fight lasts 30 seconds. Or it's just thumb-wrestling. Here are the most… » 2/27/14 12:23pm 2/27/14 12:23pm

The Legendary Honor Harrington's New Adventure: Movies, Comics and More

Honor Harrington is one of the all-time great heroes of military science fiction. The star of over a dozen novels by David Weber, she's inspired a real-life army of fans who belong to the Royal Manticoran Navy. And now she's coming to comics, games and eventually movies, from Evergreen Studios. We talked to Weber plus… » 2/25/14 8:00am 2/25/14 8:00am

In the TimeWatch RPG, paradoxes are part of the fun

Someone murdered an ambassador's wife, leading to a NATO vs. Warsaw Pact war in the 1960s. Your team is on the case, but not to bring the killer to justice. This is TimeWatch – and your job is to prevent this crime from ever happening in the first place. » 2/17/14 7:20am 2/17/14 7:20am

5 Reasons you should play Bravely Default

After a lengthy wait, today the latest JRPG from Square-Enix, Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies, hits US shores. Having played it a ton since its European release 3 months ago, I can safely say Bravely Default is an absolute must for 3DS owners and JRPG fans - but here's 5 reasons to convince you to take a look. » 2/10/14 2:18pm 2/10/14 2:18pm