All 29 editions of Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies coming as e-books

Anybody who wants to read some amazing works of short fiction — and get up to speed on the changing state of science fiction over the past few decades — should rejoice to learn that Gardner Dozois' indispensible Year's Best anthologies are coming out as e-books in October. » 8/14/12 4:30pm 8/14/12 4:30pm

Fantasy & Science Fiction's New Workshop Creates A Controversy

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has established a new writing workshop with former Asimov's Magazine editor Gardner Dozois, and F&SF editor Gordon Van Gelder says the workshop will supply stories to F&SF in future. Although it's great for experienced editors like Dozois and Van Gelder to share their hard-won… » 6/30/09 2:23pm 6/30/09 2:23pm

25 Years of The Best Short Stories in Science Fiction Has Come To This

It's been 25 years of Gardner Dozios' The Year's Best Science Fiction » 10/10/08 4:20pm 10/10/08 4:20pm, and the 25th anniversary edition totals 692 pages of testimony to the state of the industry. Dozois dedicates the first 51 pages alone to a summation of the previous year, a trend he started in the first volume a quarter of a century ago.…