Garrett Hedlund offered lead role in Akira. Crap.

Here's some horrible news coming straight from the Hollywood adaptation of Akira. Garrett Hedlund has reportedly been offered the role of Kaneda. Now we can trade in our fears about whitewashing for a new set of worries about the world's blandest Kaneda to ever ride a Huffy into a futuristic McDonalds. » 11/03/11 12:49pm 11/03/11 12:49pm

Captain America Casting: John Krasinski's Out, Chris Evans And The Tron …

The latest Captain America casting saga continues. Turns out yesterday's sure thing, John Krasinski, is out, and has been replaced with the Human Torch himself, Chris Evans. » 3/10/10 10:53pm 3/10/10 10:53pm