Garrett Hedlund offered lead role in Akira. Crap.

Here's some horrible news coming straight from the Hollywood adaptation of Akira. Garrett Hedlund has reportedly been offered the role of Kaneda. Now we can trade in our fears about whitewashing for a new set of worries about the world's blandest Kaneda to ever ride a Huffy into a futuristic McDonalds. » 11/03/11 12:49pm 11/03/11 12:49pm

Tron Legacy is a colossal failure of movie-making

Back in 1982, Tron zapped us into a whole new world of storytelling. You can still feel the love, and excitement, on every frame of that movie. So it's sad that Tron Legacy turns those thrills into snoozes. Spoilers ahead. » 12/17/10 8:59am 12/17/10 8:59am

Tron Legacy sneak peek shows off some new digitized footage

Disney released a sneak peek of Tron Legacy to the masses, and stuffed in between a few old scenes are new moments to get excited about. Plus, check out Olivia Wilde's head-to-toe pleather program unitard in her new banner. » 9/11/10 1:00pm 9/11/10 1:00pm

Inside Tron Legacy with the stars and director

We ventured inside Flynn's, into the vivid glow of the Tron universe. We met Tron Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner, plus director Joseph Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey. They told us how the new movie raises the game. » 7/23/10 3:00pm 7/23/10 3:00pm

Olivia Wilde strikes a pose for justice: the best Tron banner yet!

A new Tron Legacy banner shows Olivia Wilde totally ready for action — which we're totally ready to witness. The almost kabuki pose, except with a deadly light disk instead of a fan, is stunning. And there's a spoilery synopsis! » 7/16/10 3:11pm 7/16/10 3:11pm

Captain America Casting: John Krasinski's Out, Chris Evans And The Tron…

The latest Captain America casting saga continues. Turns out yesterday's sure thing, John Krasinski, is out, and has been replaced with the Human Torch himself, Chris Evans. » 3/10/10 10:53pm 3/10/10 10:53pm

Tron 2.0's Lead Character Will Be Beardless, Hot

Welcome Garrett Hedlund as the new star of Disney's Tron 2.0, sequel to the 1982 light-cycle flick. While I can't say much for his acting chops, he's certainly giving Tron Guy some much-needed competition. » 1/07/09 2:00pm 1/07/09 2:00pm