Expendables 3 Is Your Ultimate Cure For Frozen Overload

Two years ago, io9's own Garrison Dean proved that Expendables 2 was the most important movie of summer 2012. (Yes, more important than Avengers.) Because America. And explosions. Now Dean is back, with a trailer that shows how Expendables 3 will help balance out the lingering sweetness of your Frozen addiction. » 8/14/14 6:00pm 8/14/14 6:00pm

Why The Expendables 2 might be the summer's most important movie

If you love action movies — nay, if you love America — then you owe it to yourself to see The Expendables 2 and make a space for things that aren't CG-heavy superhero spandexathons. That's the irrefutable logic of the new Expendables 2 trailer created by io9's own Garrison Dean: R.O.A.C.H. This trailer came out last… » 5/30/12 4:30pm 5/30/12 4:30pm