Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a captivating tale of privilege and PTSD

The second Hunger Games movie builds on the emotional intensity of the first, telling a harrowing story of what happens when you win a deadly game by playing dirty. Catching Fire is the rare film that's better than the original book. Even if you've memorized Suzanne Collins' text, you'll get something new out of it. »11/22/13 12:00pm11/22/13 12:00pm


Behind-the-scenes look at Hunger Games shows how Gary Ross tried to light Katniss on fire

We can't wait for The Hunger Games DVD to come out on August 18, mostly for any deleted scenes of Gale and Peeta rubbing mud on each others chests — you know that's in there. Until then, behold this amazing clip in which the crew diligently attempts to not kill Jennifer Lawrence with fireballs. »7/13/12 12:55pm7/13/12 12:55pm