Ender's Game trailer shows the epic space war our children will fight

A brand-new trailer for Ender's Game is out, showing a whole lotta new footage and a much larger look at the space war the future human race is fighting. There are lots of swarming bug ships attacking Earthly jets, but our big takeaway is the above shot — holy crap, the Battle Room just keeps looking better and… »8/06/13 12:15pm8/06/13 12:15pm

New still from Ender's Game reveals what fuels that baby genius army

Gavin Hood's Ender's Game has released a brand new still showing off the many screened walls of the Battle School's cafeteria. Check out the big board behind the kiddies' lunches — looks like it's displaying the winnings of the day. Also check it out, it looks like the character Dink Meeker is wearing a Salamander… »2/20/13 12:00pm2/20/13 12:00pm

First look at the Battle School logos from Ender's Game

It's been months since we've seen anything from Gavin Hood's Ender's Game movie, until now. The logos for each futuristic space station battle school have been revealed. When entering Battle School each student is shuffled off into a different battle team within the school. Hero Ender Wiggin is assigned to the Dragon… »2/19/13 7:25pm2/19/13 7:25pm

Official Ender's Game movie synopsis reveals a game will definitely be played by someone named Ender

The latest official synopsis of Gavin Hood's screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game promises us war games, which we're going to go ahead and assume refers to the book's iconic zero-gravity Battle School action scenes. We have no idea if they're going to pull this off, but we're still excited to see them… »11/19/12 11:35am11/19/12 11:35am