Lesbian Lizard Kiss from Doctor Who Will Not Face Censors' Wrath

After the premiere of the new Doctor Who, featuring a same-sex kiss between a humanoid lizard woman and her human wife, a handful of people complained to the UK's communications regulator. The regulator's reply, basically: Yeah, no one cares. » 8/28/14 10:40am 8/28/14 10:40am

Nigerian grad student uses magnets to 'prove' gay marriage is wrong

Chibuihem Amalaha, an award winning student at the University of Lagos, is claiming that he's "disproved" gay marriage through science — and he used the power of magnets to do so. His "groundbreaking" work is backed by the university. » 9/16/13 4:20pm 9/16/13 4:20pm

DC forbids Batwoman's gay marriage, creative team leaves [Updated!]

J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman have announced they'll be leaving as the editorial team on Batwoman, citing DC's editorial interference and in particular, the publisher's refusal to allow characters Kate Kane/Batwoman and her partner Gotham City police officer Maggie Sawyer marry each other. » 9/05/13 7:35am 9/05/13 7:35am

Gay marriage in the year 100 AD

Gay marriage sounds like an ultra-contemporary idea. But almost twenty years ago, a Catholic scholar at Yale shocked the world by publishing a book packed with evidence that same-sex marriages were sanctioned by the early Christian Church during an era commonly called the Dark Ages. » 7/29/13 12:00pm 7/29/13 12:00pm

Can Batwoman's Gay Marriage Rescue DC Comics from Angry Fans?

Sometimes a social issue overrides spoiler warnings. Headlines across the web have announced the news: In Batwoman #17, which came out yesterday, the superhero proposed to her girlfriend. It's a first for DC comics. But is this too little, too late for the company that has outraged fans by hiring anti-gay activist… » 2/21/13 12:25pm 2/21/13 12:25pm

The world's first anti-android marriage activist speaks out at a…

As politicians in Maryland ponder the question of gay marriage, a group of activists from Protect Marriage Maryland try to persuade them that gay love will inevitably lead to the worst possible outcome. That's right: Marriage between humans and artificial intelligence. Listen to the evidence! » 2/10/11 12:05pm 2/10/11 12:05pm

But Gay Marriage Will Destroy the Fabric of Society

Sometimes you come here expecting me to be funny, but this weekend, in light of what happened in Iowa on Friday, I'm afraid I've got to get serious. Deadly serious. About stopping gay marriage. » 4/05/09 1:00pm 4/05/09 1:00pm