Watch these interlocking gears spin at a mindbending 4,500 rpm

Mitsubishi Corporation has developed a set of three interlocking gears that can move around in different movement patterns while spinning at full tilt — which in some cases can reach an astounding 6,000 rpm. » 10/07/13 4:20pm 10/07/13 4:20pm

Gears Of War Trilogy A Bloodier Lord of the Rings?

Turns out the Gears of War movie is actually a trilogy that's "basically a harder-edged Lord of the Rings," says director Len Wiseman. Now I'm envisioning Hobbits with chainsaw bayonettes — and it's beautiful. » 1/27/09 8:00am 1/27/09 8:00am

Clockporn Tour for Retro Futurist Gearheads

Does it get you all wound up when you look at gears and measurement devices on giant, old machines? That's a perfectly normal reaction — we all feel a little awe in the face of machines whose precision and beauty has nothing to do with the digital. And the Long Now Foundation is celebrating those machines in the San… » 7/10/08 11:23am 7/10/08 11:23am

The Insect Brain of a New Analytical Computer

Mike Libby uses the carapaces of real insects to create tiny, mechanical works of art. They look like they could be part of a new insect-driven A.I. Not only does Libby's work adorn a new anthology of speculative writing from Tachyon Press called The New Weird, but he has upcoming shows you can check out in Boston… » 2/11/08 10:20am 2/11/08 10:20am

The Tarnished Gears of Steampunk Microscopy

Anne Bruce is a microscopy photographer who likes to put antique watches, gears, and gauges under her low-power microscope. She creates glowing, strange images of tarnished gears and fragments of watchfaces that look like giant, rusting dynamos and the remains of nineteenth-century factories. We've got a gallery of… » 1/09/08 11:03am 1/09/08 11:03am