​How to Stop being a Completist

How do you know when it's time to stop being a completist? For me, the moment came in the mid-1990s, when I saw the above Doctor Who underpants for sale in a London shop — marked "ONLY WORN ONCE, NEVER WASHED." But everybody hits a wall sooner or later. Here's how to let go of needing to have a complete set. » 12/10/13 3:00pm 12/10/13 3:00pm

Slut Shaming and Concern Trolling in Geek Culture

Last month, science geek and costumer Emily Finke attended a sci fi convention dressed in a screen-accurate uniform from Star Trek: TOS, where she was met with microaggression, mock-concern and men intent on outing her as a Fake Geek Girl. So she decided to write something, "because I haven't caused enough flame wars… » 6/07/13 7:00am 6/07/13 7:00am

The Great Geek Sexism Debate

Over the past few months, three of the most influential conventions in geekdom — Readercon (for science fiction writers), The Amazing Meeting (for skeptics), and DefCon (for hackers) — have been at the center of very public discussions about sexism and sexual harassment in their communities. After all three… » 9/08/12 1:00pm 9/08/12 1:00pm

How Nerd Rage Helps Make the World Better

Nerd rage gets a bum rap. People think that angry nerds are just freaking out about minor continuity mistakes, or taking stuff too seriously. But sometimes, geeks get mad for good reason, and when people assume nerd rage is trivial, it's part of an overall process of belittling geeks. » 9/06/11 1:45pm 9/06/11 1:45pm