Last Year's Breakout Novel Girl With All The Gifts Is Becoming A Movie

The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey was easily one of our favorite novels published last year — and Joss Whedon agreed with us. So it's fantastic news that this book is becoming a movie called She Who Brings Gifts, starring Glenn Close. » 3/23/15 10:40am 3/23/15 10:40am

The Voices Wonders If Your Pet Could Talk, Would It Tell You To Kill?

One of the oddest films about mental illness to come along in awhile, this pitch black comedy from Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) follows the downward spiral of Jerry (Ryan Reynolds), a fellow driven to violence by the voices in his head… which seem to be emanating from his pets. Some spoilers follow. » 2/05/15 9:00am 2/05/15 9:00am

In The Voices Trailer, Ryan Reynolds Is Urged Into Murder By His Cat

Well, this looks weird as all get out. And all the more fabulous for it. Here's the trailer for The Voices, starring Ryan Reynolds as Jerry, whose shoulder angel and devil are represented by his dog and cat, respectively. » 1/09/15 3:00am 1/09/15 3:00am

Free Screening of Neil Jordan's New Vampire Movie Byzantium

If you're in San Francisco — or feel like making a road trip — you can be among the first to see Byzantium, the new vampire movie from Neil Jordan. It stars Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton as two vampires who come to a coastal town, unleashing mayhem and bloody confusion. » 6/20/13 11:24am 6/20/13 11:24am

Mother/daughter vampire duo has a bloody bond in new Byzantium trailer

We've seen more than our share of vampire romances, but the passionate relationship at the center of Neil Jordan's Byzantium is not between lovers, but between a 200-year-old vampire and her bloodsucking mother. » 4/20/13 10:00am 4/20/13 10:00am

First bloody clip from Saoirse Ronan's vampire movie Byzantium is…

We're exceptionally excited to see the first ever clip from director Neil Jordan's (High Spirits, Interview with the Vampire) return to the vampire genre, Byzantium. The film stars the insanely gorgeous Gemma Arterton and she-with-the-eyes-that-haunt, Saoirse Ronan. Both will be playing vampires. Heck yeah! Here's… » 9/10/12 6:30am 9/10/12 6:30am

Hansel and Gretel trailer will fatten you up... with action!

We have an early contender for the most ridiculous movie of 2013: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Delayed from summer 2012 because this film would have looked like a sillier version of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, it's now coming out in January. And holy crap, does this look ridiculous. » 9/04/12 11:20am 9/04/12 11:20am

First look at the all grown up, leather-strapped Hansel and Gretel

The first images of Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the grown up Hansel & Gretel are out. Clearly, their past run-in with the cannibalistic witch damaged these storybook siblings a bit, because the adult versions look ready to kill. » 3/31/11 1:03pm 3/31/11 1:03pm

Is this your new Ripley for the Alien prequel?

Is this the new Ellen Ripley? Rumors are starting to spread over an interview that actress Gemma Arterton gave regarding Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. Will Bond's oil-coated Quantum of Solace conquest be playing the new Ripley? » 9/07/10 7:00am 9/07/10 7:00am