Scientific evidence that booth babes don't sell products

There's been a raging debate over "booth babes" in the tech community for years. Should companies hire sexy models to work in their sales booths at events like CES, or is this an outdated, degrading practice? But nobody had ever asked whether booth babes were good for sales. So Frontback head of marketing Spencer Chen… » 1/16/14 10:33am 1/16/14 10:33am

This map of gender segregation shows how New Yorkers live and die

In New York City, genders are unevenly mixed. As men and women age, they pour into and out of neighborhoods, pooling, dispersing and redistributing across the five boroughs in a mesmerizing demographic dance that datavisualization expert John Nelson calls "gender flow." In his latest visualization, he charts this dance… » 10/16/13 12:05pm 10/16/13 12:05pm

What You Write On Facebook Reveals More Than You Realize

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have analyzed 700 million words and phrases from the Facebook messages of 75,000 volunteers. The resulting word clouds show the extent to which our use of language is influenced by our personality, age, and sex. » 10/03/13 8:00am 10/03/13 8:00am

Do geek stereotypes keep women out of computer science?

The media is full of geek stereotypes, everywhere from Big Bang Theory to episodes of CSI and NCIS. These images of geeks as antisocial, immature dorks may seem harmless — but a new study suggests these media images help keep women out of computer science. » 6/27/13 3:00pm 6/27/13 3:00pm

Gender-swapping superhero's creator responds to right-wing backlash

In SheZow, a 12-year-old boy accidentally puts on a magic ring that turns him into a female superhero, known as SheZow. It's an excuse for lots of fish-out-of-water comedy and some personal growth. Or, if you're Breitbart News, it's a left-wing conspiracy. We talked to SheZow's creator about the controversy. » 5/30/13 12:21pm 5/30/13 12:21pm

The long-running mystery of why birds seemingly change sex

It's not often you do a search on a scientific subject and come up with a journal from 1888, but people were puzzled by this mystery for a while: Female birds, usually once they've reached a sufficiently advanced age, can suddenly grow male plumage and take on male behaviors. » 5/07/13 7:20am 5/07/13 7:20am

Handy charts reveal why you've never heard of most female SF authors

Over at Strange Horizons, the editors have done their yearly assessment of the state of gender in genre publishing. The good news is that men and women are published in almost equal numbers. The bad news is that books by men are reviewed far more often. So when women get published, you rarely hear about them. » 4/23/13 2:15pm 4/23/13 2:15pm

An Alternate History of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor has always…

We've wondered if one of the Doctor's future incarnations might be female, but what would Doctor Who have been like if the Doctor had always been played by a woman? Alasdair Stuart of SciFind has cooked up an alternate history of Doctor Who, positing which actresses might be a match for each of the eleven Doctors, the… » 2/09/13 4:00pm 2/09/13 4:00pm