Have Science Fiction Books Become Too Self-Referential?

"Science Fiction has become an exclusively literary genre, with books inspired less by new scientific research than by previous science fiction books, and, regrettably, movies. Ideas turn into tropes, and instead of extrapolation, we get variation: of the generation star ship, the space alien, the artificial brain,… »3/27/09 4:17pm3/27/09 4:17pm

Do Scary Movies Leave You Spooked? Blame the Horror Film Gene

Ever wonder what drives some people to every splatter fest that reaches the theater, while others flee the room any time a zombie flashes on the television? Researchers at the University of Bonn have discovered that a gene may be responsible for your fear of monster movies. Click through for more on the study, and the… »8/16/08 12:00pm8/16/08 12:00pm