More Weird Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Original Star Trek

50 years ago, one of science fiction's greatest series was in development. The original Star Trek series was born out of desperation as much as inspiration, and a recent book called These Are The Voyages reveals tons of insane behind-the-scenes details. You think you know Star Trek? Here are tons of details you… »9/16/14 6:11pm9/16/14 6:11pm

A blow-by-blow review of Earth: Final Conflict: "I only want to touch your species."

Having withdrawal symptoms from television aliens after V's season finale? Superblogger Kalinara is recapping every episode of Earth: Final Conflict in insane detail. Discover 90s hair, betrayals, brain needles and "women in underwear shooting things." Here's the first installment. [Kalinara] »5/20/10 3:20pm5/20/10 3:20pm