The Secrets Of The Theory of General Relativity In An Alphabetic Primer

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is beautiful, elegant, and a golden standard of, “This is what complex physics looks like.” To celebrate the centennial of its publication, the Perimeter Institute put together an alphabetic primer of lessons and trivia to bring you up to speed. »5/24/15 4:08pm5/24/15 4:08pm

How The Shapiro Time Delay Effect Proves Einstein's Theory of Relativity

There are a couple of reasons why people react with puzzlement to ideas like General Relativity. The idea of "spacetime" is difficult enough to picture, without talk about the idea that mass distorts it the way a bowling ball distorts a trampoline. (Note to self: Promote trampoline bowling as the world's new most… »2/14/13 3:20pm2/14/13 3:20pm