Psylocke's spread-eagle monologue gets the GIF treatment

We've seen some classic comic art transformed into GIFS. Now check out a more modern example of animated superhero art. This scene by Tim Green from last week's Generation Hope #15 saw the X-Woman Psylocke delivering a menacing speech, splayed mid-Flying V. Psylocke does possess telekinesis, so perhaps she is flying… » 1/22/12 7:00am 1/22/12 7:00am

This week, Firefly's Shepherd Book finally gets an origin story!

Derrial Book was one of the most enigmatic characters on Firefly, and almost a decade after the show premiered, we're finally getting some answers in the good Shepherd's very own graphic novel. » 11/02/10 9:10am 11/02/10 9:10am