Crazy-Sexy Doctor Who Set Pics, A Psychedelic Doctor Parnassus Trailer, And Your First Darth Sidious Clip!

Almost too much spoilery goodness: Doctor Who says goodbye to an old friend in can't-miss set pics. There's a new Doctor Parnassus trailer. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joins Chuck! Lesbionic Heroes clips! Plus Gentlemen Broncos, Lost, Smallville, Fringe and FlashForward. »10/08/09 9:00am10/08/09 9:00am

Ronald Chevalier Makes Music For Electronic Dogs Via Jemaine Clement

Wonderful news Brutus and Balzaak »10/23/08 4:48pm10/23/08 4:48pm fans — there's a new viral video from fake scifi writer Ronald Chevalier, played by Jemaine Clement from . Chevalier, author of all 10 novellas, sits down and explains how music inspires his scifi manuscripts. As he plays chords, he explainshow this sound makes him think of…

Sam Rockwell's Superhero Looks Like A "Transvestite Captain Kangaroo"

The hero of upcoming superhero comedy Gentlemen Broncos »9/25/08 10:30am9/25/08 10:30am is played by Sam "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" Rockwell, who says his character has "two sides" — a self who appears in an original novel written by a teen, and a self who appears in a plagiarized novel written by a guy who steals the hapless teen's idea.…