George Dyson's New Scifi Story About How Google Achieves Consciousness

If you're looking for some seriously mind-blowing hard science fiction online this afternoon, look no further than a new (free online) short story, "Engineers' Dreams," by science historian George Dyson. Brother of techbiz genius Esther Dyson, George is known for his meticulous, entertaining historical investigations… »7/18/08 4:51pm7/18/08 4:51pm

NASA's Secret Mission to Saturn in Nuke-Powered Ships

Back in the mid-twentieth century, a bunch of NASA engineers had a dream — a highly-classified dream — about taking a nuclear-powered rocked to Saturn. They even went so far as to plan the entire device, create design specs and concept art (some of it pictured here), and name it "Project Orion." Now science historian… »2/27/08 10:40am2/27/08 10:40am