Jupiter Ascending's Spaceship Designs Are Even Cooler Than You Knew

Jupiter Ascending has some of the most stunning visuals we've ever seen in a space opera. The movie's spaceships are just stunning, and unlike anything else in movies or elsewhere. We talked to lead designer George Hull, and he told us how Brutalist architecture and Siamese fighting fish influenced these ships. »2/06/15 10:00pm2/06/15 10:00pm


Brand new Amazing Spider-Man concept art takes you deep inside OsCorp!

Now that you've seen Amazing Spider-Man, it's time to go deeper inside the movie's cool visuals — especially that big final showdown. Concept artist George Hull sent us a ton of his ASM art, including designs for the inside and outside of the OsCorp building... and the Lizard's final battle with Spidey. Plus early… »7/05/12 10:00am7/05/12 10:00am