First look at Tom Hardy as the new Mad Max

We've seen the creepy creatures George Miller has been creating for his Mad Max sequel Mad Max: Fury Road, but we've yet to see the main character. Will Tom Hardy be able to fill the sandy boots of former Mad Max Mel Gibson? The very first image as Hardy in his Mad Max costume has surfaced, so judge for yourself! » 12/20/12 10:45am 12/20/12 10:45am

Are these horrific characters the new villains in Mad Max: Fury Road?

A new batch of deranged images from the set of Mad Max: Fury Road reveal a fleet of killing machines, wacky skin mask fashion, and potential nemeses. We're not sure, but we do know that this Mad Max is going to be a lot different from its predecessors, just in terms of special effects and crazy new characters alone. » 8/20/12 8:00am 8/20/12 8:00am

Miller Still On Justice League

Looks like we were right to be suspicious of the news that George Miller was off the Justice League movie - Dark Horizons have retracted their original story as bogus after being contacted by a representative of Kennedy Miller Mitchell, adding that their source for the story - "a usually reliable source," apparently -… » 12/03/08 3:10pm 12/03/08 3:10pm

One Space Odyssey We Wish Would Come Out In 3001

From the department of truly horrendous ideas: Brad Pitt will star in a "futuristic" version of The Odyssey » 10/17/08 12:40pm 10/17/08 12:40pm, Homer's classic epic poem about Odysseus' struggle to get home. The story of Odysseus' struggles with the cyclops, Circe, and sirens will be translated to an outer-space setting. Pitt is making the film with…

Cartoon Justice Beats The Live-Action Version Any Day

With the animated Justice League: The New Frontier hitting stores today, you may find yourself hankering for more Justice League action, but not knowing quite where to get it. Now that production of the live action movie (now rumored to be called Justice League: Mortal) has hit another snag, you could find yourself… » 2/26/08 8:00am 2/26/08 8:00am