The Rise Of Slipstream: "The Audience Is Weirder Than It Used To Be"

Remember Slipstream? It was a huge catchphrase among science fiction authors and readers back in the 1990s, denoting strange works of fiction that blend realism and fantastical elements. And now, thanks to authors like Kelly Link and David Mitchell, it may finally be going mainstream, a new Wall Street Journal article »2/04/15 4:43pm2/04/15 4:43pm


George Saunders' new book shows just how terrible first world problems can be

George Saunders' stories have always been fairly depressing — there are decrepit and miserable themeparks, people trapped in miserable and humiliating situations, evil company memos and awful experiments. But his latest book, Tenth of December, feels more desolate and horrible than ever. And it's like a hilariously… »2/05/13 1:48pm2/05/13 1:48pm