Dick Tracy's newest partner-in-crime-fighting is none other than George…

The beloved Star Trek star and gay rights activist is currently starring in the Dick Tracy comic strip as George Tawara. Now, before you ask how could Takei star in a newspaper comic strip under a different name: 1) check out the art above (that's as close as Dick Tracy gets to photorealism); 2) this comic storyline… » 1/21/13 1:40pm 1/21/13 1:40pm

George Takei reading 50 Shades of Gray is the sexiest thing you'll hear…

I suppose watching a beloved Star Trek actor reading aloud from a legally obtainable book is technically safe for work, but I wouldn't necessarily watch this clip with your sound turned all the way up. I've seen hardcore pornography that was less phenomenally sexual than hearing George Takei read aloud from the… » 12/20/12 7:40am 12/20/12 7:40am

Why The 1986 Crap Flick Star Crystal Is Better Than Star Wars and Star…

The leads of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises have come to verbal blows as of late, and a certain mellifluous Enterprise helmsman has attempted to ameliorate the situation. What this public spat ignores is that there's a superior Star film out there, one that eschews flights of fancy and makes your appreciate… » 12/19/11 7:20am 12/19/11 7:20am

Watch The Heroes Scenes The Strike Rescued You From

Click to viewBe glad we never got to see Hiro's dad use his superpower on Heroes, if this deleted scene from the episode "Four Months Ago" is any guide. The Heroes season two DVD set doesn't come out until August 26 in the U.S., but it's already out in England. In addition to this deleted scene, it also includes the… » 8/11/08 10:37am 8/11/08 10:37am

George Takei Marries, Journos Spin Gay Sulu Memes

In news and gossip math, the announcement of George Takei's wedding plans must've looked something like "B-List Sixties Geek Icon + Gay + Social Hot Button Topic = Win." There's just something perfect storm-ish about Takei's marrying boyfriend of 21 years Brad Altman for the jaded headline writers of the world, and… » 5/22/08 6:30am 5/22/08 6:30am