Wooden Chariots Unearthed At 4000-Year-Old Burial Site In Georgia

Archaeologists in the country of Georgia have discovered an ancient burial site that dates all the way back to the Early Bronze Age. Entombed within the chamber, which researchers say was intended for a chief, were seven bodies, a variety of ceremonial artifacts, and two well-preserved chariots, each with four wooden… » 6/28/14 12:00pm 6/28/14 12:00pm

This skull may have just rewritten the book on human evolution

It's a discovery that could change our understanding of early humans. An incredibly well-preserved, 1.8-million-year-old skull from Dmanisi, Georgia suggests the evolutionary tree of the genus Homo may have fewer branches than previously believed. » 10/17/13 6:18pm 10/17/13 6:18pm

Georgian army rented for Russia-hating war flick

The August 2008 war between Georgia and Russia was fought at sea, in the air, on land … and in the press, as both sides tried to spin events in their favor. The shooting has ended. The propaganda war continues. » 9/04/11 8:30am 9/04/11 8:30am

Humans have been using tools for 300,000 years longer than we thought

Our hominid ancestors Homo erectus turned rocks like this into complex tools nearly two million years ago...hundreds of thousands years earlier than previously thought. The new find helps fill in some crucial blanks in our evolutionary history. » 8/31/11 2:15pm 8/31/11 2:15pm

Georgia's the perfect place for The Walking Dead's zombie rampage

We've all been thrilled by the glimpses of The Walking Dead's bleak, intense vistas. But I've been more thrilled than most — because it's about time my home state of Georgia had a zombie outbreak. » 10/07/10 1:00pm 10/07/10 1:00pm

The ruins of a Black Sea resort town

Russian photographer Slesarev Oleg Victorovitch took these photos of Gagra, a once-thriving resort town on the coast of Black Sea. Gagra was a palatial tourist destination until 1992, when the area was at the forefront of the War in Abkhazia. » 7/18/10 1:00pm 7/18/10 1:00pm

Satellite Images Reveal Exact Nature of Destruction in Georgia

Click to view » 9/10/08 11:08am 9/10/08 11:08amOne of the unintended consequences of having constant satellite surveillance over every centimeter of the globe is that it's easy to see how governments screw up. Here is a UNOSAT image from a report on the damage done to villages in Georgia after the bombings. All the destruction tracked here is in…