Splendidman Is The Best Superhero Satire On The Web

If you've been having Middleman withdrawal, now that it's the middle of the week, we've got the perfect antidote. Satirists Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones have been uploading chapters of their superhero satire My Pal, Splendidman to their blog every other Sunday, and two chapters are up now. It's the funniest superhero… »7/16/08 1:26pm7/16/08 1:26pm

What Would The Ultimate Nerd Wish-Fulfillment Look Like?

Click to viewMovies just aren't doing a good enough job of pandering to our escapist wet dreams. A nerdy guy who turns into a green destructo-ape when you fuck with him? An MIT engineer who builds the ultimate super-armor? A clerk who turns super-killer? Bah! Hollywood could do a much, much better job than that of… »7/02/08 1:01pm7/02/08 1:01pm