A Delicate Stone Bridge Creates a Mystical Passage With Its Reflection

Located in Kromlau, Germany, the Rakotzbrücke was built as a perfect half-circle so that still waters and correct lighting would create the illusion of a full circle. It even has outcroppings on each side to make it look like a natural occurrence. In the imagination, it conjures thoughts of a portal to another world. » 3/31/15 11:00pm Yesterday 11:00pm

This Is What A 250-Year-Old Burnt Pretzel Looks Like

Step aside, Twinkies. The most enduring snack just may be the pretzel, as evidenced by fragments of bakery castoffs discovered during an archaeological dig in Southern Germany. They are estimated to be around 250 tooth-breaking years old. » 3/12/15 4:00pm 3/12/15 4:00pm

Russia May Slap Germany With A $4.5 Trillion Lawsuit For Nazi Atrocities

A workgroup is being set up by deputies of Russia's parliament to calculate the damage that Nazi Germany inflicted upon the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Initial estimates place the figure between $3.43 to $4.56 trillion dollars — but good luck getting Germany to pay. » 2/03/15 11:40am 2/03/15 11:40am

Guillotined Head Of "Butcher Of Hannover" Cremated After 89 Years

Better late than never? The head of German serial killer Fritz Haarmann — known as "The Butcher of Hannover" and "The Vampire of Hannover" — was cremated after spending 89 years bobbing in formaldehyde. » 1/26/15 1:20pm 1/26/15 1:20pm

Was Britain's WWI Blockade The First Atrocity Of The 20th Century?

From 1914 to 1919, the Allied powers restricted the maritime supply of raw materials and foodstuffs to the Central Powers. The policy is often called a key component in the Allied victory, but it resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, and introduced the world to a terrifying new kind of warfare. » 12/01/14 11:00am 12/01/14 11:00am

For two weeks, a channel in Germany and Austria will play nothing but Star Wars. From Dec. 1 to 14, Sky Deutschland's Sky Hits digital channel will show all the six films, featurettes, and documentaries on a 24-hour loop. Enjoy the early Christmas gift, German-speakers. [The Hollywood Reporter] » 10/22/14 4:30am 10/22/14 4:30am

Adolf Hitler Was Apparently A Regular Meth User

Notorious dictators may not be the people we typically associate with methamphetamine, but a report claims that, during World War II, Adolf Hitler regularly took methamphetamines for a variety of ailments, including the drug Pervitin, a precursor to crystal meth. » 10/13/14 1:50pm 10/13/14 1:50pm

The Second World War claims yet another victim

It ended nearly 70 years ago, but World War II has taken yet another life. An undetonated bomb dropped by Allied planes exploded in a German town on Friday, killing the driver of an excavator and wounding another 13 people. » 1/06/14 7:40am 1/06/14 7:40am

Photos of Germany's worst flood in years presage a watery future

Weeks of torrential rainfall have sent water levels skyrocketing throughout central Europe. The Elbe and Danube rivers, among others, have swollen to the point of overflow, while breached levees and ruined damns have loosed deadly floodwaters upon Germany, where tens of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. » 6/11/13 2:11pm 6/11/13 2:11pm

Without a doubt, this is the greatest '80s German love song about ALF…

Yes. The cat-eating alien from the planet Melmac. Titular star of the '80s NBC sitcom. That ALF. Apparently, ALF was so big in Germany that the person who dubbed the voice of ALF over there, Tommi Piper, was able to record a touching love song titled "Hallo ALF, Heir Ist Rhonda" in 1989, which he sang as ALF, and… » 1/16/13 4:30pm 1/16/13 4:30pm

Hooray, an optical illusion of a building filled with giant spiders

For hilarious and sadistic kicks, German designer Friedrich van Schoor created this projection mapping installation of an entire building story occupied by two automobile-sized spiders. Oh, to be a fly on the wall confused passerby when these eight-legged monsters began scampering. » 9/27/12 8:00am 9/27/12 8:00am

After nine months, authorities still don't know the true identity of…

Do you know or recognize Ray? The teenage boy turned up in Berlin nine months ago claiming to know little about himself beyond his name and birthday (June 20, 1994). When pressed to divulge more about himself and his history, he claims he is unable to remember. Now, after close to a year of investigation, Berlin… » 6/14/12 7:40am 6/14/12 7:40am

The best scenes from the most demented German children's book ever…

If you possess any sort of fluency in the German language, there's a good chance you've encountered children's author Heinrich Hoffman's 1845 bedtime classic Struwwelpeter. In this collection of morality tales, children are — with gleeful abandon — immolated, humiliated, and mutilated by men with giant scissors.… » 5/28/12 12:55pm 5/28/12 12:55pm

Trove of 500 fairytales discovered in Germany - Will Disney option the…

While Hollywood is bleeding the same three fairytales dry, a new crop of magical stories has been uncovered in Germany, recorded at the same time that the Brothers Grimm were collecting fairytales. Does this mean fresh content for fairytale films? » 4/22/12 1:30pm 4/22/12 1:30pm

In 1950, an elephant fell out of a monorail in Germany

In 1950, a three-year-old elephant named Tuffi was forced to ride a public monorail in Wuppertal, Germany. The animal was loaded aboard as a promotion for the Althoff Circus. This ride was supposed to be a lighthearted affair, but the world quickly learned that pachyderms and monorails simply do not mix. » 4/18/12 1:30pm 4/18/12 1:30pm

Crazy detailed Star Wars organ turns the Death Star into circus music

Sure, we just featured some ripping 2001 LEGO spaceship designs, but this is too stellar not to mention. As a promotion for The Phantom Menace's 3D re-release in Germany, LEGO builders Rene Hoffmeister and Lorenz Lnggrtnr constructed a massive circus organ that doubles as a gargantuan diorama. Explains Lorenz of its… » 4/13/12 9:30am 4/13/12 9:30am

Watch the first four minutes of the Nazis-on-the-Moon flick Iron Sky

You saw the trailer — now check out the opening sequence of the Lunar Reich action comedy Iron Sky. This is definitely the first indie flick ever to feature Nazi astronauts with rocket launchers and their giant swastika-shaped Moon base. Iron Sky opens April 4 in Finland, April 5 in Germany, and other countries soon… » 3/16/12 6:00am 3/16/12 6:00am

What's classier than J.R.R. Tolkien telling off Nazis? Absolutely…

Why is there a picture of Smaug up there? Well, that was one time J.R.R. Tolkien delivered the burns. Here's another occasion. » 3/12/12 6:10pm 3/12/12 6:10pm

Facebook ID cards foresee a future where Zuckerberg is your evil…

Given how absurdly ubiquitous Facebook has become (and how they ultimately give fuck-all about your privacy in the grand scheme of things), the folks at FB Bureau have gone ahead and begun printing Facebook identification cards. Quick, jump on the bandwagon before the Like Police come a-knocking! » 2/27/12 3:05pm 2/27/12 3:05pm

The only known recording of Otto von Bismarck's voice has been…

This is absolutely amazing. Audio archeologists have uncovered a wax cylinder phonograph record that bears a lost vocal recording of Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck. » 2/01/12 5:10pm 2/01/12 5:10pm