$1 Million Prize for Scientists Who Can Cure Human Aging 

Silicon Valley investor Joon Yun is offering a cool million dollars in cash prizes to anyone who can "hack the code of life" in an effort to increase human lifespan. It's the latest in a growing trend of well-funded efforts to cure aging. » 1/14/15 12:40pm 1/14/15 12:40pm

Cellular Toggle Switch Could Herald An Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Researchers at the Salk Institute have discovered a toggle switch for aging cells. By controlling the growth of telomeres, it may eventually be possible to coax healthy cells to keep dividing and generating even in old age. » 9/23/14 9:00am 9/23/14 9:00am

Why Supercentenarians Hold the Key to Extended Life

Supercentenarians are rare people who have reached the age of 110 and remain fit. Amazingly, many of them never get sick, despite having some bad health habits in some cases. Scientists say it all comes down to genetics — which could lead to a gene therapy that promotes longevity. Here's how super-c's will help us… » 1/03/14 11:27am 1/03/14 11:27am

Bees pay a steep price for that whole "perpetuating the species" thing

If you're going to be reborn as a worker bee, make sure you don't do it in the summer. That's the time of year when the queen bee demands the most jelly to feed her young, and once that work is done, bees typically die just two weeks later. But in winter, otherwise identical bees can live six to seven months, which… » 4/21/13 5:00pm 4/21/13 5:00pm

People who age prematurely could soon benefit from rejuvenation…

Humans age at different rates, as a result of various factors like lifestyle and genetics. Now, a new study from the ENGAGE Consortium suggests that people who age faster are at an increased risk of developing age-related diseases like heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and various cancers. The researchers suggest… » 3/29/13 3:40pm 3/29/13 3:40pm

Does the science of aging suggest we're 'programmed to die'?

In an effort to slow down — and even halt — the aging process, scientists are increasingly turning their attention to the various external and internal factors that give rise to it. As this new video by AsapSCIENCE shows, we're all slaves to a biological clock that's been ticking away since the moment we were born —… » 3/14/13 6:20am 3/14/13 6:20am

Longevity scientist Aubrey de Grey sets the record straight about…

Aubrey de Grey, a software engineer turned gerontology expert in the UK, is known for his controversial books and lectures about how humans will eventually extend their lifespans. Currently he's the Chief Science Officer at SENS Foundation, a nonprofit in Silicon Valley aimed at funding new biotechnologies that could… » 1/30/12 10:15am 1/30/12 10:15am

Fruit fly intestines could hold a vital clue to increasing human…

There seems to be one surefire way to increase longevity in animals. It's caloric restriction, which means placing them on a near-starvation diet. We don't know if that could work on humans... but fruit flies might be able to give us the answer. » 11/03/11 2:09pm 11/03/11 2:09pm

Computer model reveals what would happen if humans became immortal

At first glance, the fact that we grow old and die seems like one massive evolutionary mistake. After all, if evolution is all about survival of the fittest, wouldn't the fittest individuals be those that can stay healthy and keep reproducing forever? » 9/27/11 11:16am 9/27/11 11:16am

Sea squirts could hold the secret to human immortality

Sea squirts might not look like much...they're simple, hermaphroditic creatures that barely even have a brain. But they have a particular knack for activating the enzyme telomerase, which protects DNA from degradation. That unexpected talent could help fight human aging. » 4/26/11 10:58am 4/26/11 10:58am

Why being a cowardly workaholic can actually make you live longer

Feel good about yourself, don't work too hard, and don't worrying too much...it's all good advice, but they're not actually going to help you live any longer. That's the counterintuitive finding of a 20-year study examining how personality affects longevity. » 3/13/11 1:00pm 3/13/11 1:00pm

Animals who live fast and die young could be the key to human life…

Humans age very slowly, but the older we get, the more likely death gets. Not every animal follows that pattern though - some species live for only very short periods, but their age doesn't actually seem to affect when they die. Figuring out why these animals age the way they do could help us understand why humans… » 2/15/11 1:53pm 2/15/11 1:53pm

If you want to live longer, then walk faster

Your walking speed can tell a lot about you - including your life expectancy. Amazingly, your walking speed is just as good an indicator of how long you'll live as your health history, smoking habits, and blood pressure combined. » 1/04/11 2:30pm 1/04/11 2:30pm

Turtles could hold the secret to human immortality

All animals eventually grow old and die. It's an inevitable fact of life - except when it isn't. Some animals, like tortoises and lobsters, never grow old, and learning their secrets could let humans live as long as they want. » 8/20/10 2:00pm 8/20/10 2:00pm

New genetic model can predict who will live past 100

There's no simple trick to reaching 100 years old, although most experts say it's a mix of luck and taking good care of yourself. Plus, it really helps to have one of the nineteen "longevity" gene groups scientists just discovered. » 7/02/10 4:30pm 7/02/10 4:30pm