William Shatner explores the meaning of Star Trek fandom in the Get a Life! trailer

After seeking out his fellow Star Trek commanding officers in The Captains, William Shatner is back with another documentary, this time focused on the fans. From the trailer, William Shatner's Get a Life! (named for his infamous SNL sketch) looks like an affectionate examination of Star Trek fandom and why the… »7/08/12 3:30pm7/08/12 3:30pm


Watch a vomiting alien beat up the Pope, in the weirdest E.T. parody ever

We missed this news when it was announced a while back. The complete run of Get a Life, Chris Elliott's cult comedy series, is finally coming to DVD from Shout! Factory. This show, in which Chris Elliott is an overgrown paperboy who still lives with his parents, had a writing staff that included Charlie Kaufman and… »4/18/12 7:30pm4/18/12 7:30pm