How Close Are We To A Two-Hour Marathon?

On Sunday, from the moment 30-year-old Dennis Kimetto breasted the tape at the Berlin Marathon at 2:02:57 to set a new world record by 26 seconds, conversation in certain circles turned to what this meant for the assault on a sub-two-hour marathon. » 10/03/14 4:29pm 10/03/14 4:29pm

How I Turned Neil Gaiman Into A Fictional Character For My New Novel

For his new novel The Severed Streets, the second installment of his Shadow Police series, acclaimed writer Paul Cornell decided to include author Neil Gaiman as a significant character. In this essay, Cornell shares why and how he went about making his fictional Gaiman. » 6/16/14 1:20pm 6/16/14 1:20pm

Have Spelling Bee "Winning Words" Always Been So Obscure?

Arvind Mahankali won the 2013 National Spelling Bee on "knaidel," a type of dumpling. The winning word the year prior was "guetapens," before that "cymotrichous," and before that "stromuhr." Have bee-winning words always been this insane, or is this a recent development? » 5/30/14 4:57am 5/30/14 4:57am

How is Google involved in James Frey's YA book and movie deal?

James Frey, the writer notorious for his not-quite-factual memoir A Million Little Pieces, just landed a $2 million deal with Fox for the movie rights to his upcoming young adult novel, Endgame. But how is Google involved in this Hunger Games-esque project? » 1/14/14 7:20am 1/14/14 7:20am

How Long Can Humans Hold Their Breath?

Holding your breath may not be the flashiest feat of athleticism, but performing it at its highest level is still incredibly impressive, especially since it's something we've all done, and can all relate to. The limits to which some can push breath control, in fact, are more impressive than most people probably know. » 11/19/13 7:24pm 11/19/13 7:24pm

Marilyn Manson is loaning his creepy voice to Once Upon a Time

Rocker Marilyn Manson is joining the cast of Once Upon a Time—in voice, if not body. And he's lending his growl to a character we've already met. » 10/20/13 11:30am 10/20/13 11:30am

Meet the new Doctor Who Time Lord: Peter Capaldi!

Whovians, meet your new Doctor. After much speculation and wishful thinking, the BBC has announced that Peter Capaldi will be playing the Twelfth Doctor. » 8/04/13 11:31am 8/04/13 11:31am

The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2013!

San Diego Comic-Con is a white-hot furnace in which projects are made, or destroyed. Some emerge from the flames stronger, with invincible buzz levels, while others are melted down. Here's our list of the people and projects that gained buzz from Comic-Con, and the ones that lost some of their buzz. » 7/22/13 1:45pm 7/22/13 1:45pm

The first line Kristen Bell uttered on the Veronica Mars film set

Veronica Mars might not be science fiction, but we still have a lot of love in our hearts for this geeky girl detective. Here's the first line Kristen Bell delivered when she returned to her quippy character. » 7/21/13 11:45am 7/21/13 11:45am

Yes Virginia, There Is a Darwin

Virginia Heffernan was once a high-profile tech and culture writer for the New York Times. For this reason, she is taken seriously. Yesterday, she wrote an essay entitled "Why I'm a Creationist." It amounts to a very specific guide as to why Virginia Heffernan should no longer be taken seriously. » 7/13/13 3:23pm 7/13/13 3:23pm

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has a release date

We still don't know much about Christopher Nolan's wormhole traveling film Interstellar, but the movie already has a release date. According to a press releas from Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, which are co-producing and jointly distributing the film, Interstellar will hit theaters and IMAX on November… » 3/10/13 9:30am 3/10/13 9:30am

An Alternate History of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor has always been…

We've wondered if one of the Doctor's future incarnations might be female, but what would Doctor Who have been like if the Doctor had always been played by a woman? Alasdair Stuart of SciFind has cooked up an alternate history of Doctor Who, positing which actresses might be a match for each of the eleven Doctors, the… » 2/09/13 4:00pm 2/09/13 4:00pm

Benedict Cumberbatch's next big role might be as Alan Turing

This falls within the realm of strong rumor, but it's an exciting rumor all the same. Deadline is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch is "in deep conversations" to play cryptanalyst and computer scientist Alan Turing in the biopic The Imitation Game, a script from the 2011 Black List. Will Cumberbatch make the jump… » 2/03/13 10:30am 2/03/13 10:30am

The First Doctor returns to Doctor Who, courtesy of... Harry Potter?!

Well, now we know one previous Doctor that's going to make an appearance during Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. Although William Hartnell, the actor who originated the role in 1963, passed away in 1975, David Bradley has been cast ias the Doctor — Bradley being better known as Argus Filch, the surly Hogwarts custodian… » 1/30/13 8:30am 1/30/13 8:30am

China arrests 500 people for believing in tomorrow's Mayan Apocalypse

Here in the United States, we're mostly treating tomorrow's scheduled End of Days as a bit of a joke — but in China, it's deadly serious. At least, serious enough for the Chinese government to round up and detain 500 members of the Church of Almighty God, a Chinese religious sect, for spreading the notion that the… » 12/20/12 3:14pm 12/20/12 3:14pm

R.I.P. Sir Patrick Moore, who brought the mysteries of space into the…

For many astronomers, their love of space began with a man on their television set. Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore began hosting the BBC's The Sky at Night in 1957, and for the next 55 years, he unraveled the mysteries of the cosmos for his viewers and helped them understand what they were seeing when they looked toward… » 12/09/12 10:30am 12/09/12 10:30am

Liberals and goblins, beware: Stephen Colbert will have a cameo in The…

Stephen Colbert is an enormous fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Just look at his explanation of American politics using Lord of the Rings action figures or his challenging James Franco to a Tolkien debate. Colbert even owns Aragorn's sword, Anduril. So if any satirical political pundit deserves a role in Jackson's Hobbit » 10/20/12 1:30pm 10/20/12 1:30pm

Space Shuttle Endeavour takes its final trip through the streets of Los…

The retired space shuttle Endeavour rolled into its final home this morning, the California Science Center at Exposition Park. But before being put out to pasture, Endeavour got one final ride this weekend, through the streets of Los Angeles, treating locals to the surreal sight of a space shuttle in their midst. » 10/14/12 1:00pm 10/14/12 1:00pm

How cheesy will Michael Bay's post-apocalyptic show The Last Ship be?

TNT is going into production on The Last Ship, a TV show based on William Brinkley's 1989 novel about a U.S. Navy vessel that survives a global catastrophe. (In the book, it's a nuclear war. But in the TV show, it's something more complicated. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find out what.) » 10/09/12 1:37pm 10/09/12 1:37pm

Alfonso Cuarón is teaming up with J.J. Abrams for a supernatural NBC…

What happens when you pair Y Tu Mamá También, Children of Men, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón with J.J. Abrams? We don't know yet, but NBC has just ordered it as a supernatural pilot. » 9/23/12 7:30am 9/23/12 7:30am