Ghana's coffin art lets people bury their loved ones in style

In European cultures, we cremate our dead or bury them in a simple pine box. But coffins are a lot fancier in Ghana, where the Ga people believe that life continues in another world after death, and they want it to carry on in style. Here are some stunning examples of Ghana's famous coffin art. » 1/07/14 3:07pm 1/07/14 3:07pm

10 Movies With The Word "Terminator" In The Title (That Are 100%…

Everyone loves a good Terminator, particularly those fly-by-night movie studios whose livelihoods come from hoodwinking audience members too gullible for reality. For decades, slapping the word "Terminator" into your movie title has been all the rage — here are ten (mostly unknown, mostly unwatchable) films that have… » 3/07/12 11:15am 3/07/12 11:15am

2016, the trailer for Ghana's Predator, is the best thing you'll see…

Screw The Hunger Games, I can't wait for the Ghanaian science fiction flick 2016. It's basically Alien, Predator, and Terminator all rolled into one (which incidentally happened once, but sans baby kicking). Are any readers out there familiar with Ghanaian cinema? Because I vow — with the internet as my witness — to… » 11/14/11 8:55am 11/14/11 8:55am

More Ghanaian movie posters that will melt your brain into porridge

We've previously expressed our love for the hand-painted mobile cinema posters of Ghana, many of which took extreme creative liberties with films' plots. For example, who knew that Cujo was an evil Cocker Spaniel? » 8/14/11 8:30am 8/14/11 8:30am

I don't remember that scene in where the heroes abandoned drowning children to the monster's…

The Curious Art of Ghana's Mobile Movie Posters

In the days when mobile cinemas first came to Ghana, local artists were commissioned to paint posters promoting the films, posters that often exaggerated the content of the films and took on an artistic life of their own. » 9/09/09 9:30am 9/09/09 9:30am