That Terrible, Depressing Fantastic Four Rumor? Totally Not True

Rumor has it Batman Vs. Superman will see the Justice League form without Superman. The live-action Ghost in the Shell movie has a director. Matt Damon raves about Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Is the Agent Carter show filming soon? Plus, is Neil Blomkamp directing the pilot of the Halo TV show? Spoilers now! » 1/27/14 6:00am 1/27/14 6:00am

Animated movies that are better than most live-action blockbusters

While the summer movie blockbuster shuffle may make you think that live-action is the only way to go for a spectacle, we beg to differ. There are plenty of animated movies that can compete with the summer movie fare (if not completely trump them). In celebration of all things animated, here's our list of cartoon and… » 7/03/13 3:00pm 7/03/13 3:00pm

Check out the new Ghost in the Shell prequel anime, Arise

While I was hoping the recently announced new Ghost in the Shell anime would involve more cyber-police work than existential ennui, it turns out Arise will be a four-part prequel showing the history which eventually led Motoko Kusanagi to become a cyborg who fights crime while in her lingerie. I can dig that. Each of… » 2/12/13 6:40am 2/12/13 6:40am

This 30-second anime teaser has more concentrated awesome than a lot…

Check out this amazing action-packed teaser for 009 Re: Cyborg, the new anime movie from Kenji Kamiyama, the director best known for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In just half a minute, there are some great glimpses of urban destruction, our hero flying and outrunning missiles, and running inside an… » 8/06/12 2:31pm 8/06/12 2:31pm

Holy heck, these Japanese hobbyists are building a 12-foot-tall…

Microsoft Kinect has been used for some novel hacks, but this is straight out of Ghost In The Shell. Meet Vaudeville, a twelve-foot-tall, five-ton mecha that's manipulated using Kinect, or that XBox peripheral commonly known for its embarrassing dance party games. » 5/09/12 10:55pm 5/09/12 10:55pm

Virtual Resurrection: The Dead Who Went To Cyber-Heaven

Is there life after death? Maybe, if you're wired. After all, death is just a failure of storage media. Science fiction is full of people who've died in meatspace, only to live on in cyberspace. Here's our inventory of cyber-Heaven. » 6/07/09 3:00pm 6/07/09 3:00pm

Latest Murder-Plague Movie Has Lush Anime Visuals

Do we really need another movie about a virus that turns people into psycho berzerkers, forcing riot cops with cool-looking goggles to wield an iron fist to hold the crumbling shreds of society together? I may have just answered my own question... but what if it's a nice-looking animated film, with touches of Akira and … » 4/24/08 12:30pm 4/24/08 12:30pm