The new Ghost in the Shell: Arise series is essentially Motoko Begins

An extended trailer for the four-movie Ghost in the Shell: ARISE anime series has arrived, and if Motoko's odd character design is still freaking you out, these familiar faces should put you at ease. Section 9's Batou, Togusa (who clearly has a lifetime commitment to his mullet) and the Chief make their appearances. »5/13/13 6:40pm5/13/13 6:40pm

Check out the new Ghost in the Shell prequel anime, Arise

While I was hoping the recently announced new Ghost in the Shell anime would involve more cyber-police work than existential ennui, it turns out Arise will be a four-part prequel showing the history which eventually led Motoko Kusanagi to become a cyborg who fights crime while in her lingerie. I can dig that. Each… »2/12/13 9:40am2/12/13 9:40am