How Superman's Worst Enemy In Batman v Superman Is Superman Himself

That Xena reboot is definitely happening. Jessica Jones is a psychological thriller more than a superhero show. Plus, how Constantine matters to the Arrow universe, teasers for Legends of Tomorrow, there’s a little more Heroes Reborn than we previously thought, and high-res Force Awakens pictures. Spoilers Now! »8/14/15 6:00am8/14/15 6:00am

Maybe Maisie Williams' Doctor Who Role Isn't What We All Thought It Was

Spider-Man is definitely in Civil War—and his appearance has already been filmed. Gotham loses two comic book characters. There’ll be less trick-shot action in Ash vs Evil Dead. Weird Al Yankovic is playing a major DC Comics villain. Plus brief teasers for Jessica Jones and Vixen, and what’s next on Zoo. Spoilers Get! »8/03/15 6:00am8/03/15 6:00am

You've Seen the New Ghostbusters Movie's Ecto-1, Now Here's the Ecto-2

As seen from the set of the new Ghostbusters movie! Admittedly, this appears to only be a motorcycle with a Ghostbusters logo decal on the side, but hey, maybe there’s a vacuum attachment that can suck up nearby ghosts like the Ecto-1 had in the classic Ghostbusters video game. So, any bets on a flying Ecto-3? »7/09/15 7:42am7/09/15 7:42am

Misandry Rules as New Ghostbusters Movie Casts a Man as Its Villain

Feminists scored another bitter blow today against penis-Americans after it was announced that Saturday Night Life writer, Other Space star and comedian Neil Casey has been cast as the new Ghostbusters movie’s antagonist. A man? Being evil? In a movie where women are the heroes?! Why, this tests my tosterone! »7/07/15 10:20am7/07/15 10:20am