When Godzilla fought the Loch Ness monster, everybody lost

Everybody remembers the abysmal 1998 American Godzilla film, but much fewer people remember the tie-in Godzilla cartoon — or that it was actually kinda good. Sure, it was goofy, and Godzilla looked like his CG movie counterpart, but at least it had monster fights. Still, even a giant monster fight couldn’t save the… »4/05/13 3:31pm4/05/13 3:31pm

New DVDs: Does The Hobbit deserve a place on your DVD shelf with Lord of the Rings?

Peter Jackson’s first installment of his Hobbit trilogy arrives on DVD and Blu-ray! But now that you've had some time to process it, how many of you still feel the need to add An Unexpected Journey to your DVD/Blu-ray shelves? Will you wait to see how the rest of the trilogy turns out? Have you already written it off?… »3/18/13 4:50pm3/18/13 4:50pm

The sweded Pacific Rim trailer is the last sweded trailer you'll ever need to see

The sweding craze may have passed its expiration date, but it turns out there's one last unspoiled masterpiece left —namely, this unbelievably brilliant Pacific Rim trailer from the sweded Avengers folks. Between the Jaeger's elliptical machine controls to the "ocean" to that stunning final shot of the giant robot… »3/13/13 9:20am3/13/13 9:20am

All the Best Monster Punching Closeups from the Pacific Rim Trailer

A giant robot actually punches a giant monster in the face! The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim broke our brains with its kaiju-powered insanity. The monsters are a perfect blend of Gamara, Cthulhu, and Del Toro's favorite look: fat horns with jagged teeth. As for the giant robots known as Jaegers?… »12/13/12 10:00am12/13/12 10:00am