Why Pacific Rim Doesn't Look Like Any Movie You've Ever Seen Before

Pacific Rim pays tribute to classic monster movies and films about massive mechanical gladiators — but at the same time, this movie looks totally different than anything you've ever seen. We talked exclusively to the head creature designer, the legendary Wayne Barlowe, and VFX supervisor John Knoll, to find out why. »7/08/13 3:31pm7/08/13 3:31pm

The sweded Pacific Rim trailer is the last sweded trailer you'll ever need to see

The sweding craze may have passed its expiration date, but it turns out there's one last unspoiled masterpiece left —namely, this unbelievably brilliant Pacific Rim trailer from the sweded Avengers folks. Between the Jaeger's elliptical machine controls to the "ocean" to that stunning final shot of the giant robot… »3/13/13 9:20am3/13/13 9:20am

Crowdfund a giant rideable robot, geeky woodblock prints, and a new comic by Venom's co-creator

Want to help fund a giant robot that can carry two passengers? How about a series of geeky, Japanese-style woodblocks, or a documentary about hiking the John Muir Trail? Or maybe you'd rather see an original comic from a writer who fleshed out both Venom and Iron Man? Check out these products and decide if any are… »8/05/12 2:00pm8/05/12 2:00pm