What does a heart's sine function look like?

In high school, you probably learned that trigonometric functions – like sine, cosine and tangent –can be derived, geometrically, from a circle (hence why trig functions are also known as "circular" functions). But what happens if you use a square to derive these functions, instead? Or a triangle? Or a heart? » 6/10/13 7:20am 6/10/13 7:20am

"Head Like an Orange" is Like IWDRM for nature GIFs, and it is amazing

For the uninitiated: If We Don't, Remember Me — aka IWDRM — is a tumblr dedicated to artfully crafted GIFs (called "cinemagraphs," if you're a pedant) of iconic movie scenes. Head Like an Orange is basically the same thing, only it features GIFs of wilderness and nature. » 2/21/13 1:00pm 2/21/13 1:00pm