The Greatest Gift Ideas for People Who Work at io9

Still need more holiday gift ideas? Well, here’s what the io9 staff members are desperately hoping to receive this holiday season. No, you don’t have to buy them for us; this is still mainly to help you guys. (But, hey, if you have an extra pile of disposable income and you want to treat your favorite site, you know… »Wednesday 12:00pm11/25/15 12:00pm


Awesome Toys and Collectibles to Give Children and Fun-Loving Adults Alike

Just because you’ve reached the age where you’re paying off student loans and applying for mortgages doesn’t mean your love of toys has to be abandoned. In fact, nowadays toymakers usually target adults as much as children, so there’s no shame in asking for action figures, games, and other collectibles this holiday no… »Monday 2:00pm11/23/15 2:00pm

Incredible Art and Delightful Home Gifts for All the Nerds In Your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the most obnoxious. Trying to figure out gifts for nerds is hard, because they usually buy themselves whatever toys or movies or books they want. What to do? Here’s what—you read this gift guide, which compiles more practical gifts that the geekily-inclined in your life… »11/20/15 12:00pm11/20/15 12:00pm

The Most Gruesome Gifts For Your Favorite True Crime Fanatic

The true-crime fan in your family or friend group might seem difficult to shop for, but murder, mayhem, and mistletoe go together surprisingly well. This year, skip the generic fruit cake and surprise your favorite dark-side dweller with a gift tailored especially to his or her sinister interests.
»11/17/15 2:00pm11/17/15 2:00pm

The Best Blu-Rays and DVD Box Sets For Your Friend Who's Seen Everything!

Movie fans can be hard to shop for—because chances are, they already have tons of memorabilia. Luckily, the world is full of amazing box sets that include tons of extra material, and look great on a shelf. Here’s our complete 2015 guide to drool-worthy DVDs, Blu-rays, and elaborate box sets. »11/16/15 12:00pm11/16/15 12:00pm

2014 Music Box Sets: A Guide For The Bemused And Disgusted

Rock box sets are indefensible cash-sponges that will endure for as long as baby boomer parents require Christmas presents. Honestly, you don't care if they're any good any more than you worried about whether that tie you bought Dad last Father's Day was ugly. But let's pretend, just for fun, that you're a justifiably… »11/28/14 4:32pm11/28/14 4:32pm

Posters and Art Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life With Bare Walls

Most of us have that friend, the one without a single piece of decoration on the walls. Just vast expanses of bare space. The good news is that this makes it easy to come up with something to get them. The bad news is that, after this, you may actually end up with too many things to buy. Here's our gift guide for the… »11/24/13 1:00pm11/24/13 1:00pm

Webcomic Gift Ideas for People Who Don't Read Webcomics

Every year, I try to buy a few of my Christmas gifts from webcomic creators. It's a great way to support independent artists and you can end up with some cool and unusual gifts to dole out. But what do you do if the people in your life don't read and love the same webcomics you do—or any webcomics at all? Fortunately,… »11/25/12 4:00pm11/25/12 4:00pm