Great Gift Ideas For The 10 Major Species Of Science Fiction Fan

Finding the perfect gift for the beloved fan in your life can be a major challenge — but the first step to success is to know what kind of fan you're dealing with. What does this person truly love, above all else? Once you know that, you're set. Here's our complete guide to gifts for 10 different species of fans. »12/01/14 6:19pm12/01/14 6:19pm

Two futuristic ways to give classic SF novels for the holidays

What do you get the person who has every scifi TV series in a DVD box set, all the latest scifi hardbacks, plus every gorgeous comic book collection and all the action figures you've ever heard of (plus probably like 20 more)? There is an actual answer to this question. You get them the books that helped create the… »12/17/12 8:07pm12/17/12 8:07pm

TARDIS Desktop PC: Harness the raw computing power of the Time Vortex

If you've been resisting getting another Windows PC, this could change your mind. After all, thanks to some very clever design and machining, this Police Box desktop machine really is bigger on the inside than on the outside. It's a lovely replica of the current version of Doctor Who's time machine, with a CD/DVD slot… »12/11/12 9:46pm12/11/12 9:46pm

Webcomic Gift Ideas for People Who Don't Read Webcomics

Every year, I try to buy a few of my Christmas gifts from webcomic creators. It's a great way to support independent artists and you can end up with some cool and unusual gifts to dole out. But what do you do if the people in your life don't read and love the same webcomics you do—or any webcomics at all? Fortunately,… »11/25/12 4:00pm11/25/12 4:00pm

Science Fiction and Fantasy DVD Sets That Make Amazing Gifts

Everyone you know is hard to shop for. That's because everybody's hard to shop for, period. Finding the right present for all the humans in your life can be nearly impossible, without telepathy. And that's why God made DVD box sets. Almost everybody has a DVD player, and would like to catch up on a TV show they… »11/19/12 5:13pm11/19/12 5:13pm