Poltergeist remake will actually be a sequel, which is a good thing

We were all a little terrified when MGM announced they would be remaking Poltergeist. However, we took some solace in the hiring of Monster House director Director Director Gil Kenan. But when the alleged synopsis dropped earlier this week we couldn't stop screaming. The whole thing sounded like a bad mirror of the… »5/23/13 6:08pm5/23/13 6:08pm


New Pics Show What It's Like To Live In The Doomed City Of Ember

The city of Ember may not have any views of the outside world, but it has some lovely vistas nonetheless - just look at this underground river and the system of bridges and walkways it supports. Too bad the post-apocalyptic underground city is doomed because its power source is finally going out. Click through for a… »8/04/08 3:30pm8/04/08 3:30pm