In A Future When Humans No Longer Touch, A Girl Wants Both Love And Sex

In the future of Gina Biggs' latest webcomic, Love Not Found, human beings no longer engage in physical contact of any kind, even engaging in sex through mutual pleasure machines. But when Abeille moves to a new planet, she finds herself longing for physical affection and looks for a partner in her experiments. »11/05/14 11:00am11/05/14 11:00am


Erstwhile Tales is a webcomics collection of Grimm's less popular fairy tales

Between Vertigo's Fables comics, ABC's Once Upon a Time, NBC's Grimm, and the endless upcoming Snow White movies, you've probably brushed up on your old familiar fairy tales. But the Brothers Grimm have a whole canon of stories that aren't constantly readapted for page and screen. The webcomic anthology Erstwhile Tales »1/07/12 11:00am1/07/12 11:00am