12 Great Science Fiction Actors Who Don't Get Enough Props

Science fiction is an actor's dream. The genre has created some breakout stars, like Harrison Ford, but it's also turned scores of working actors into beloved fan-favorites, who work the convention circuit. But here are 12 great science fiction actors who swing for the fences, and just don't get the appreciation they… » 5/17/13 10:31am 5/17/13 10:31am

Gina Torres Versus The Joker, In The 26th Century

Before she was Captain Mal Reynolds' right-hand woman in Joss Whedon's Firefly » 10/23/08 1:17am 10/23/08 1:17am, the amazing Gina Torres led a scrappy group of women freedom fighters in a world dominated by evil machines. She co-starred in the awesome , a short-lived show from the production team of Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Here she is taking down…