A boy accidentally summons a succubus who tries to get him a girlfriend

Normally, summoning a succubus is a recipe for sexy doom, but the demon teenaged Teddy accidentally binds himself to is Chloe Love, a succubus with a soft heart. She makes it her mission to save Teddy's soul the only way she can—by getting him a girlfriend. » 12/28/13 8:30am 12/28/13 8:30am

“Magick Chicks” sends mean girls to monster-hunting school

After getting expelled from their school for teenaged monsters, a trio of witches enrolls in an all-girl academy for monster hunters. To fit in, they'll have to hide their witchy natures and contend with a telekinetic queen bee. » 5/28/11 9:00am 5/28/11 9:00am