Be among the first to see the extended cut of one of Star Trek's most…

The Blu-ray set of Star Trek: The Next Generation season two includes a major surprise: an extended cut of the famous episode "Measure of a Man," where Data is put on trial to see if he's a person or just the property of Starfleet. Including extended scenes that only existed on a rough-cut VHS tape held by writer… » 11/26/12 1:40pm 11/26/12 1:40pm

The Gizmodo/io9 Giveaway for Robotnik Film Heads

It's pretty much impossible to make a movie about robots that I don't want to see. Well, aside from Surrogates, maybe. But that atrocity isn't playing at this year's Robot Film Festival! Giz and io9 are giving away tickets to the event to the best robot rhymers. » 7/12/11 3:38pm 7/12/11 3:38pm

Ask Peter Wingfield your Highlander questions — and win a Katana!

There can be only one fan-favorite character from the Highlander TV series: Methos, played by Peter Wingfield. And now you can ask Wingfield your burning Highlander questions — and win Highlander on Blu-ray, or a replica of Duncan MacLeod's katana! » 7/21/10 12:30pm 7/21/10 12:30pm