Drool Over This Exclusive Look At The Official Game of Thrones Astrolabe

Game of Thrones has the coolest opening sequence on television, thanks to that insane orrery showing the relief map of Westeros along with the heavens. And io9 is proud to bring you an exclusive video showing the official Game of Thrones Astrolabe as it spins. Plus you can enter to win one for yourself, right here! »9/11/15 4:26pm9/11/15 4:26pm


Get the inside scoop on Star Wars’ hard-working model-makers!

Get the inside scoop on Star Wars’ hard-working model-makers! In honor of Force Friday, we’re hosting a giveaway of two copies of Sculpting a Galaxy: Inside the Star Wars Model Shop. To enter, you just have to sign up for the Insight Editions email list, and two winners will be chosen. Good luck, and may the Force… »9/04/15 3:47pm9/04/15 3:47pm

Be among the first to see the extended cut of one of Star Trek's most famous episodes

The Blu-ray set of Star Trek: The Next Generation season two includes a major surprise: an extended cut of the famous episode "Measure of a Man," where Data is put on trial to see if he's a person or just the property of Starfleet. Including extended scenes that only existed on a rough-cut VHS tape held by writer… »11/26/12 4:40pm11/26/12 4:40pm