Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Alien Puppets in James Cameron's The…

We've got an exclusive video clip from FX legend Steve Johnson's archives featuring the angelic underwater alien puppets of James Cameron's The Abyss. Listen as Johnson describes with disbelief how Gale Anne Hurd and Cameron decided to hire a "23-year-old-moron" to design the alien puppet that the entire feature hinged… » 2/09/11 12:30pm 2/09/11 12:30pm

Why we have to get rid of pi for the sake of good math

Pi is perhaps the most beloved number in the world. People devote an entire day to celebrating it; enthusiasts memorize it to hundreds of thousands of places; and it's even pretty useful for calculating the properties of circles and spheres. But pi hides some very important mathematical truths. Put another way, pi is… » 2/02/11 2:20pm 2/02/11 2:20pm

How an agnostic, libertarian hypochondriac invented "survival of the…

The most famous philosopher of the Victorian age, Herbert Spencer, coined the term "survival of the fittest", tried to apply the concepts of evolution to human society, and was described by Charles Darwin himself as "twenty times my superior." He was also a shameless hypochondriac, a sadistic prankster, and liked to dress … » 2/01/11 3:55pm 2/01/11 3:55pm

Chilling Tales Of Weird Weather

Are we at the dawn of a new Ice Age? Has someone discovered a long-forgotten Nazi weather-control weapon to use on us? Maybe. Here are some mutant weather stories that will make the American snowpocalypse seem like no big deal. » 2/01/11 1:02pm 2/01/11 1:02pm

15 melodious and magnificent musical fembots

Science fiction, pop music, and reality are chock full o' artificial intelligences that can carry a tune. Here's an entire roster of fantastic singing she-bots who can croon circles around The Rock-A-Fire Explosion.
» 1/31/11 3:50pm 1/31/11 3:50pm

In this iconic video by music video director Chris Cunningham, Iceland's de facto ambassador goes…

7 scientific accidents that led to world-changing discoveries

Last week, drunk scientists discovered how to make superconductors run faster when they accidentally spilled wine on an experiment. Often science and serendipity often go hand in hand. Here are more accidental discoveries that changed the world. » 1/21/11 1:44pm 1/21/11 1:44pm