Drumlins Are The Easy-To-Identify, Hard-To-Understand Glacial Landform

Drumlins are a ubiquitous landform in lands once overrun by glaciers, and yet after two centuries of studying them, we still aren't certain how these teardrop-shaped hills form. » 3/22/15 5:15pm 3/22/15 5:15pm

A Stunning 3D Cross-Section Of Greenland's Ice Sheet

NASA scientists have used ice-penetrating radar to create a remarkable visualization of the many frozen layers that constitute Greenland's expansive ice sheet. » 1/29/15 1:20pm 1/29/15 1:20pm

Melt Ponds on Ice Sheets Are Chillingly Beautiful

When endless summer days reach the Arctic, the massive expanses of rarely-interrupted blinding white is cut by lakes and rivers of meltwater. The deep blue set against white is a unique, surreal beauty, creating an alien landscape that is smooth, crisp, and cool in its simplicity. » 8/05/14 7:49pm 8/05/14 7:49pm

Dive Through Ice Caves and Skip Over Crevasses

Glaciers are an exotic world of beauty. In this video, a drone flirts with light filtered through translucent walls, capturing that ethereal mix of blue ice, white snow, and chilly brightness that defines glaciers. Take five minutes to ride along, swooping through caves and dancing around icy crags. » 7/10/14 2:01am 7/10/14 2:01am

3-Million-Year-Old Landscape Found Beneath Greenland's Ice Sheet

Scientists have found organic soil 10,000 feet beneath the ice sheet that stretches across 80 percent of Greenland. The discovery reveals that the central region of Greenland's tundra—once covered with forests—was locked away and preserved, as if in an icebox. » 4/18/14 8:00am 4/18/14 8:00am

This video shows why you don't want to be anywhere near a glacier when…

A small group of tourists recently got more than they bargained for, while glacier-watching in Greenland. Jens Møller, along with his uncle and an Australian sightseer, got a little too close to a melting glacier when this happened. » 7/24/12 10:40am 7/24/12 10:40am

There are still glaciers right in the middle of Africa...for now

It's fair to say that Africa isn't really known for its snow and ice. Indeed, that sentence could probably win several understatement of the year contests. But a few tropical glaciers can be found there. But for how much longer? » 2/17/12 9:45am 2/17/12 9:45am

Just how tall can a glacier get before it breaks?

On August 15th, this 200-foot-tall hunk of ice fell from the face of the gargantuan Hubbard Glacier in a process known as "calving," crashing into Yakutat Alaska's Disenchantment bay with an ear-splitting crack and a borderline unbelievable degree of force. » 11/23/11 11:53am 11/23/11 11:53am

Russians will be first to explore untouched Antarctic Lake Vostok, in…

An oxygen-rich lake, unreachable for the past 14 million years and buried beneath a thick sheet of ice, is about to be penetrated by a drill bit from a faraway place. » 1/08/11 10:00am 1/08/11 10:00am

On the art of drinking ice cores

What's the epitome of beverage decadence? Drinking the ice cores from pristine ancient ice. These cores can have a vintage of 100,000 years, and if you're a glacial scientist, you may be lucky enough to chug one. » 10/10/10 8:00am 10/10/10 8:00am

Scientists Play "Jurassic Park," Coax Ancient Glacial Bacteria Back To…

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University resurrected glacial bacteria that had been buried for 120,000 years, raising hopes that if there was ever life on Mars, we might be able to re-animate it, too. » 6/15/09 11:30am 6/15/09 11:30am

Watch the Petermann Crack Get Bigger

Look I know it's horrifying that this past July saw the further disintegration of Greenland's enormous, floating Petermann Glacier, with about 11 square miles of ice crumbling off. In fact, new satellite images show that right now the entire glacier is literally breaking in half, thus speeding up the general trend… » 8/21/08 3:54pm 8/21/08 3:54pm

Martian Ice Ages Bolster Case for Life on Red Planet

Just ten million years ago (a geological eyeblink), Mars could've had an ice age. Even cooler, it may have been one of several, meaning the planet underwent freeze/thaw periods much like those here on Earth. And that means — you guessed it — the chances for liquid water and life on the Red Planet just went way up.… » 4/25/08 9:45am 4/25/08 9:45am