Potentially habitable "Super-Earth" is among 50 newly discovered…

HD 85512 b is a rocky planet about 3.6 times the mass of Earth, located right at the edge of its star's habitable zone. That means it's capable of supporting life... and the early results suggest it's a very real possibility. » 9/12/11 11:19am 9/12/11 11:19am

Would you let NASA open a stable wormhole in our solar system?

Let's face it: Faster than light travel may never be possible, and even near-light speeds may be a pipe dream. But what if we could open a wormhole, to let us jump to another solar system? Or travel in time? » 5/20/11 7:20am 5/20/11 7:20am

Planet Zarmina is ripe for colonization from within its own system

Due to their position in the Gliese system, hypothetical creatures on planet Zarmina might not be alone in their own solar system, the way humans seem to be. And those neighbors could reach Zarmina pretty quickly. » 10/14/10 7:00am 10/14/10 7:00am