Check out the first complete globe of the planet Mercury

Attention fellow globe-enthusiasts: The good folks at Sky & Telescope Magazine have collaborated with members with NASA's Mercury-mapping MESSENGER team to create the first complete globe of our solar system's innermost planet, and it's beautiful. Do want! » 2/03/14 10:57am 2/03/14 10:57am

The first entirely new globe of the Moon's surface in more than 40 years

I don't think I've ever been been this excited about a globe in my life. Don't get me wrong, globes are great, but according to the folks over at Sky & Telescope Magazine, we've just reached a major milestone for Moon globes — what they claim is the first major update to a physical lunar likeness in more than forty… » 4/10/12 2:59pm 4/10/12 2:59pm