Take A Tour Of London On The Back Of This Eagle

In commemoration of its efforts to protect endangered species, the International Union for Conservation of Nature set up a remarkable tour of London by strapping a GoPro camera to the back of an Eagle. The result is a very impressive birds-eye-view of the city's most iconic landmarks. » 11/20/14 6:40am 11/20/14 6:40am

Squirrel Steals Man's GoPro, Because Squirrels Are Jerks

It may look like this adorably chubby squirrel is just innocently scampering about, but that's just what it wants you to think. This tree rat is about to commit a crime. » 11/15/14 1:13pm 11/15/14 1:13pm

These Astronauts Are Having Way Too Much Fun With This GoPro

Have you ever wondered what the International Space Station might look like from inside a floating ball of water? Your wish has been answered. » 11/05/14 7:20am 11/05/14 7:20am

Follow This Lioness As She Hunts With A GoPro On Her Back

Kevin Richardson, the so-called Lion Whisperer of South Africa, is known for his use of GoPros to film intimate videos of himself interacting with lions. But this time he strapped the device onto the back of Meg the lioness, allowing him to capture the intense moments as she took down a wild buck. » 10/28/14 7:30am 10/28/14 7:30am

Strap A Go-Pro Onto A Polar Bear And Get The Most Amazing Footage Ever

Filmmaker Adam Ravetch of Arctic Bear Productions likes telling visual stories about polar wildlife. By strapping a Go-Pro camera onto one of a group of four polar bears, he managed to capture some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful footage of these creatures I've ever seen. » 6/24/14 3:07pm 6/24/14 3:07pm

Here's What You Would See If You Were Kicked By A Giraffe

A giraffe came across a wildlife photographer's camera and knocked it on its back, giving us an idea of what a giraffe hoof to the head would look like. » 4/10/14 9:00pm 4/10/14 9:00pm