Buttermilk the baby goat is a total dick

Baby goats, or "kids," can typically stand and walk within fifteen minutes of birth. And if Buttermilk Sky*, the rambunctious little Nigerian dwarf kid featured up top, is any indication, they are fully capable of being complete and total assholes by around five weeks of age. Absurdly adorable assholes, but… » 7/31/12 11:30am 7/31/12 11:30am

The best cashmere comes from adorable clones of Himalayan goats

This is Noori, the first ever clone of the pashmina goats found in the Himalayas. This particular breed's wool is said to make the world's finest cashmere, but their dwindling numbers and high-altitude habitat makes them almost impossible to find. » 3/19/12 4:30pm 3/19/12 4:30pm

A goat and a deer are getting married at a Chinese zoo

Apparently, true love really does know no boundaries, as a ram named Changmao and a doe named Chunzi at China's Yunnan Provincial Wildlife Park are going to celebrate this Valentine's Day with their very own inter-species wedding. » 2/13/12 2:49pm 2/13/12 2:49pm

The Strange Case of a Goat That Lived Like a Reptile

The now-extinct Myotragus balearicus, or "mouse goat," stood a mere 19 inches high, but its small stature is by no means its most unusual trait. Paleontologists have determined that this diminutive goat had more in common with reptiles than mammals. » 11/17/09 11:33am 11/17/09 11:33am